Juicy Details – Gloss Trim


Formally known as Juicy Details Dash Of Coke, welcome to Juicy Details Gloss Trim… New name but the same cola fragrance that you guys have loved for years.

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Yes, we may have renamed Dash Of Coke to the new name of Gloss Trim but its the same product that is going to give you the shiny dash and cola fragrance that you have all loved for all of these years.

Gloss Trim is 1 of the 2 interior dressings in our range. One giving you the glossy finish and the other giving you the satin / matte finish for the more OEM look.


Spray Gloss Trim sparingly onto a microfibre towel or directly onto surface (something that we wouldn’t advise due to overspray), wipe over to achieve your shine, buff off any remaining residue leaving you with that satin look finish.

Can be used on all interior and exterior trims.