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Glass cleaner with no bull, cuts out grime and leaves a perfect shiny window!

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Clean windows in your car is not just a nice look visually, you need them clean for your safety.

Our glass cleaner will leave your windows streak free and ready for our water repellant spray – Rain Aid 2.0

Finding a top rated glass cleaner for your windows to give you the shiny finish isn’t as straight forward as you think. Our business before car detailing was professional window cleaning for decades. We know how to clean windows! That is how we have created the most perfect glass cleaner that effortlessly removes dirt and leaves you with a superior smear free window that will guarantee the best visibility.

A must have in your detailing bag and in your side pocket of your car just in case of need! Keep a bottle at home as well to remove and finger prints and water stains from mirrors and shiny surfaces!

Some people still try to make their own with distilled water, rubbing alcohol, solvents and white vinegar… getting the correct ‘ingredients’ for the ideal window cleaner isn’t easy. Years of us window cleaning and us tweaking the formula has allowed us to make the perfect glass cleaning product.

Recommended Instructions:

Spray directly onto exterior windows, NOT A LOT! Our glass cleaner goes a long way!

Wipe off dirt with a standard microfibre cloth to get rid of dirt and grime. Once looking ‘clean’, one more mist and then buff off with a glass microfibre cloth to leave you with a sparkling finish!

Interior windows should have glass cleaner sprayed onto the cloth instead of direct. This will stop overspray EVERYWHERE and heading to grab all of your other cleaners to clear the mess that you have just made.

If you find that the glass is leaving streaks, it’s because the interior glass is TOO dirty. Hit your window with some All Purpose Cleaner with a standard microfibre to take away most dirt before you try again… You don’t want to be just smearing dirt all over the window.