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Matte car shampoo that’s designed without any gloss enhancers. The perfect satin car shampoo too. Matt Bathe has all of the cleaning power like Gloss Bathe but just without the gloss enhancers. Eat through dirt for that streak free finish.

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Matte Bathe – Shampoo for satin or sensitive matte finishes
So with more and more matt and satin finishes and either satin/matt paintwork or the vehicle being vinyl wrapped, people are always asking us the question of whats the best car shampoo for matte paint?

Our answer is here with Matte Bathe, the best car shampoo for satin or sensitive matte finishes.

With no added gloss enhancers our matte bathe car shampoo will give you all the suds and cleaning power but will keep your car wash streak free. Our car shampoo for matt paint is ph balanced and removes dirt with ease.

A matte vehicle will struggle with correct car cleaning products as you can’t just use any shampoo, quick detailing spray, car wax or paint coating as most contain oils and make the finish an awful sight. Many car cleaning companies have been spending years on research and development trying to make the car shine the best way it can, then we come along and demand a different finish compared to the standard. It’s not a bad thing, looking different in the car scene is a good thing as long as it’s handled correctly.

We use Matte Bathe as our go-to matte car shampoo and then protect with our car spray sealant to give 3 months worth of protection.


Use a couple of caps full into your wash bucket and fill with water. Agitate with a pressure washer for suds.

Using a high-quality wash mitt and the 2 bucket method, glide the mitt over panel by panel making sure that you rinse regularly and rinse clean.