Juicy Details – Arctic Wipeout Snowfoam


Pre wash by adding a ‘snow’ layer of foam to your car’s exterior softening dirt and grime.

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To achieve that ultimate finish you need to have the ultimate start. Start with the correct pre wash stages, which for us, is our ph neutral Arctic Wipeout Snowfoam.

Adding in pre wash stages results in getting rid most of the damaging dirt before making contact with the car shampoo stage.
What is snowfoam?
One of the most popular pre-washes out there is a snow foam.

Arctic Wipeout Snow foam is a foam that will slowly run down the vehicle softening and taking the dirt away.

Juicy Details Arctic Wipeout is a must for all us car cleaning addicts, with great cleaning power this car care product lifts the dirt and grime from your car, bike, motor home or (if you’re lucky and rich enough) boat.

Some people like the thick layers of snow foam and although it looks good for Instagram, there’s a lot of product that’s wasted as there’s no contact. In an ideal world, once snowfoamed, you’ll see the foam very slowly dripping down your vehicle. This is needed as it is then pulling down the dirt with good old gravity.

Snow foam directions

Apply diluted product via pressure washer or Mesto hand foamer to cars exterior. Leave to soak for roughly 5-10 minutes and finally rinse clean.

Whilst the snowfoam is left to dwell, use a soft dilution of All Purpose Cleaner with a No.20 detailing brush to get into all the nooks and crannies such as window seals, door shuts and grills.

Do not leave to dry and take care in direct sunlight/ high temperatures.

Recommended dilution ratio is between 10 and 20:1

How do we use it?

We use our professional snow foam with a Karcher pressure washer and with our K-Range snow foam lance. We would always advise using a snow foam gun that you can dial in how much foam is created with the air and water.

To create our ultimate snow foam we add roughly an inch into the 1-litre bottle and fill the rest to the top with warm water. We don’t know if this is a myth or not be we feel the use of warm water helps with the cleaning ability.