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Waterless car wash and wax is a bit of a swear word in car detailing products, know how to use them and our waterless wash and wax is a game changer!

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So a waterless car wash is a bit of a swear word in the world of detailing. People think that you need a full shelf of car cleaning products but that completely depends on how clean/dirty your vehicle is.

No Bucket Needed is an “inbetweener” product and the perfect partner for show car season.

In an ideal world you will have all of the products to avoid swirl marks with access to 3 buckets for your 2 bucket method, wheel bucket, grits guards, well looked after wash mitt, drying towel and pure water for no water spotting BUT we don’t live in an ideal world!

When you are midweek and you have a light dusting of dirt or arrived 50 miles away for a car show the ideal product is our waterless spray that will be the fastest car cleaner.

The light dirt gets encapsulated and trapped into the polymers and then lifted off of your car with a microfibre cloth leaving you with carnauba wax for a long lasting shine and protection.

Our waterless car wash and wax saves time washing your car. Ideal for hosepipe bans, car shows and general top ups!

Waterless cleaners are not the devil IF you know how to use them correctly.


Liberally spray onto one panel at a time. Fold your luxury microfibre towel into four and going in straight lines, wipe in one direction and lifting off at the end. NOT in a circular motion! Once lifted off, inspect the microfibre cloth. If you see dirt on the surface of the cloth, use a clean side. Don’t be scared to use quite a few microfibre cloths. It’s easier to clean cloths than it is to get swirls out.