Juicy Details – Ezzee Bead Sealant


Ezzee Bead is a Nano based sealant that can be used wet or dry. Extremely easy to use giving you a layer of protection which is highly hydrophobic and giving all exterior surfaces added protection for up to 3 months.

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Ezzee Bead is an easy to use Nano based sealant suitable for all exterior surfaces, paintwork, wheels, plastics and glass. Extremely resistant to high Ph products. Now ready to use.


WET – After you have washed your vehicle simply spray Ezzee Bead by hand one panel at a time then rinse off immediately using a pressure washer. Dry your vehicle as you would normally. DRY – Simply spray directly onto surface and buff off using a clean dry microfibre cloth. DILUTION – 100ml to 900ml water. DO NOT USE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR ON HOT TO TOUCH SURFACE. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY BEFORE RINSING.